Superior Flow. Superior Savings. Superior Water for Commercial and Industrial Needs.

The Culligan® Top Mount (CTM) Series filter models use the latest control valve technology to offer superior flow rates and long-lasting performance for commercial and industrial applications. The top-mounted control minimizes the system's footprint and is constructed of a corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty plastic tested in extreme operating conditions to service all types of problem water (high chloramines, heavy iron, etc.). The CTM valve and system also carry certification for testing and passing the highest drinking water standards.
Unit of Measure

System Specifications


N/A Culligan®

Inlet Pressure (Dynamic)

N/A 35 to 125 psig240 to 860 kPa


N/A 120 V


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Feed Water Temperature

N/A 40 to 120 ºF4 to 49 ºC


N/A None

Maximum Turbidity


Maximum Chlorine

N/A 1.0 mg/L

Maximum Iron

N/A 5.0 mg/L

Note for Service Flow Rate

N/A Service flow rates are based on 2" flow adapter and may be slightly lower when using the 1.5" flow adapter: Peak (15 gpm/ft2 - 37 m3/hr/m2) - Very good quality effluent at specified flow. Increased pressure loss. Recommended for suspended solids loads up to 10 ppm.

Manganese and Iron (Oxidized or Soluble) Removal Service Flow Rate

N/A 25 gpm at 3 psi drop (95 lpm at 20.7 kPa drop)

Backwash Flow

N/A 70 gpm265 L/min

Note for Backwash Flow

N/A Backwash flow rates are based on 12-14 gpm/ft2 (29-34 m3/hr/m2) using 50ºF (10ºC) water. A different backwash rate may be required depending upon water temperature.

Cullsorb Media Quantity

N/A 10 ft³283 L

Note for Cullsorb Media Quantity

N/A Systems designed with Greensand/Cullsorb B bed depth of 24" (610 mm).
Pipe Size1 N/A 1-1/2 in2 in38 mm51 mm
Tank Size2 N/A 30 x 72 in762 x 1,829 mm

Markets Served

Markets Served

N/A Clinics Educational Facilities Energy and Power Food Service/Restaurants Food/Beverage Production Grocery Healthcare/Hospitals/Bio-Pharmaceutical Hospitality/Lodging Manufacturing Municipal Drinking Water Oil and Gas

Examples of Filter Applications

Examples of Filter Applications

  • Food and Beverage - Improved taste
  • Educational Facilities - Boiler and cooling tower make-up water for scale reduction and improved energy costs
  • Restaurants - For dishwashing, cleaning material savings, scale reduction
  • RO, Softener, and DI Pretreatment
  • Car washes - Quality results, detergent and water heating savings, scale reduction
  • Apartment buildings, assisted living facilities and hotels - Quality water for laundry, dishwashers, boilers
  • Grocery / Retail - Quality water for aesthetics and help extend equipment life
  • Light industry - For process and make-up water, boiler and cooling system pretreatment, general housekeeping
  • Office buildings - For heating plant pretreatment, tenant convenience, general housekeeping

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Single or multiple tank configurations available
  • Corrosion - resistant control valve body certified to NSF safe drinking water standards
  • Integrated flow meter, vacuum breaker and pressure relief valve
  • Backwash initiation based on either time clock, flow meter or differential pressure inputs
  • Telemetric data capabilities with remote monitoring
  • No special tools required for servicing
  • Robust piston-valve technology uses retained, radial seals in the body for improved longevity and reliability. Ideal for challenging water conditions
  • Control complies with CUL, CE, UL 50/50E and UL 746C standards for NEMA 3R enclosure rating

Optional Features and Accessories

Optional Features and Accessories

  • 1.5" or 2" Flow adapters are available to provide every CTM unit the flexibility to use different inlet pipe sizes with minimal impact to flow rates
  • Patented Progressive Flow - Culligan®’s Smart Controller can monitor flow demands bringing



  • Global Product Platform with Flexible Modular Configurations
  • Simple Integration into Existing Systems
  • Quick Delivery and Installation
  • Exclusive Culligan® Features
    • Universal Electronic Controller
    • Progressive Flow and Other Operational Cost-Saving Technology
    • Remote Monitoring Capabilities with Multiple Alarm Recognitions
    • Cloud Storage for Historical Data
    • U.S. Standard and Metric Readings with Multiple Interface Languages for Programming Interface

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A The CTM includes integrated vacuum breakers and pressure relief valves to protect the system in addition to possessing an integrated flow meter for highly accurate reporting. Each CTM operates with a Culligan® Smart Controller which provides users access to the Culligan® technology platform of intercommunicating systems, remote monitoring and water and energy saving accessories.

The CTM Filter Series forms part of the Culligan® Commercial and Industrial product portfolio that has been offering durable, high-quality equipment to the world for over 80 years. For those customers who need a more customized solution Culligan®'s application engineering and project management team will provide professional, technical expertise through the initial project scope to the expedited delivery and start-up process. Our expansive dealership network will provide aftermarket support and technical expertise and trusted service to users in every market. Contact Culligan® today to learn more about the CTM and other water treatment products.



N/A Culligan®'s CTM Water Filters are backed by a limited 2-year warranty against defects in material, workmanship and corrosion. In addition, softener tanks are warranted for a period of 5 years. (Culligan® will provide a copy of the warranty upon request.)

Some localities have corrosive water. A softener cannot correct this condition, so its printed warranty disclaims liability for corrosion of plumbing lines, fixtures, or water-using equipment. If you suspect corrosion, your independently operated Culligan® dealer has equipment to help control the problem.



N/A Backwash flow rates are based on 10 gpm/ft2 (24 m3/hr/m2) using 50ºF (10ºC) water. A different backwash rate may be required depending upon water temperature or the type of carbon used.

Each Family Group includes the following control valve options: Single downflow, Multi-tank downflow.

Operational, maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for this product to perform as advertised. Specifications shown are for single models. Also available in multiple tank configurations. All pressure drop figures are based on new filter media and a water temperature of 60ºF. Depth filters are capable of 10 microns effluent water quality, whereas all other filter types are capable of 40 micron effluent water quality.
  • 1 Depending on choice of 1.5" or 2" flow adapter
  • 2 Dimensions are diameter by tank height.